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    It is with great appreciation that I write this thank you to Dr. Noble and his PA Patrick for the wonderful job in making my life whole again. Coming from a retired athletes point of view (Field Hockey, Lacrosse and Basketball) my legs had taken quite a beating. Arthritis is also the blessing I inherited from my family. My ability to walk was becoming more difficult and the pain some days could take my breath away. Post Op of 2 weeks I was able to bend my knee to 110 degrees, walk with a cane while out and without in the house. I had very little pain from point A to B in 2 weeks. Discomfort, yes, especially late afternoon and early morning. I attribute ALL my success to the organization, time and effort on Dr. Noble’s part in his written instructions of which I followed precisely. Icing is a MUST, therapy on patient part as well as with a therapist and yes, the awful white stockings and pumps at night. But it has paid off! Would I do it again, you betcha! I would do it on my left knee tomorrow but unfortunately, I must withstand the discomfort a bit longer since that leg is not quite there yet. Again, Thank you both for the fine job and extremely fine incision! I also would like to compliment the wonderful treatment received by the out patient service center and by Sharon, the Administrative Secretary to Dr Noble.
    - Cheryl M.

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